Worst DJ Moments

Things can go wrong and will go wrong for many events and here some examples of some of the worst DJ moments. In its simplest form, Murphy’s Law states: If anything can go wrong, it will.  What sets your event vendor apart from others is how they handle these situations. Professionals anticipate these things and plan for contingencies.

We know how to keep the party going – using social and communication skills to technical backups to recover such that no one is the wiser that something went wrong.

Here are some examples provided by us and other party hosts where terrible mishaps ruined people’s celebrations.  We also provide our plans to prevent these horrible things from happening in the first place. If not preventable, then at least we have a backup plan.

All the guests heard an ad load before the DJ played the first dance song.

This will happen if the DJ plays music from a free Spotify or YouTube account. This is a big signal that the DJ is not professional.
How do we prevent this?
We have all the necessary music already downloaded into our laptops grouped in appropriate playlists for your specific event. We have listened to your special songs to ensure that they are clean versions and of high quality professional audio quality. We lock in your special requests a few days before your event to ensure that in the event that we don’t already have your requests in our existing library, we are able to acquire the clean quality mp3 files before your event. In the event when a guest requests a song that we don’t have in our downloaded library, we use a professional online streaming service to access the songs. Of course, this is only possible if there is a reliable internet connection available at the venue.

The DJ had technical difficulties and was unable to play the chosen first dance song

"Our DJ had burned a CD with our chosen husband-wife dance song on it. The song would not play because the CD somehow did not burn right, and we had to pick another song to dance to on the fly.”
How do we prevent this?
We don’t use CDs but if we did, we would double check the burnt CDs to ensure that the music is playable and of good quality. As we use mp3 and higher quality files (our files are of a mixed format – lowest being 320kbs mp3 files all the way upto flacc files which are of the highest quality). Furthermore, since anything can go wrong with even a hard drive full of mp3s, we carry a backup drive of our music library including your special requests. We even carry a backup laptop in case something goes wrong with one of them. In the unforeseen event where even the 2nd laptop acts up, we will use a either a tablet or a smartphone with your special songs preloaded on them. We don’t leave much to chance as you can see.

The DJ’s equipment kept powering off

We had a situation where our laptop and DJ controller kept powering off after a few minutes while testing our equipment during the set up stage. After a couple of these cycles, we determined that the powerbar supplied by the host (of a house party) was defective. We swapped it out with our own professional grade powerbar and we continued to party!
How do we prevent this?
We always arrive early to set up and test everything. If anything goes wrong, we have plenty of time to troubleshoot and resolve the issues. We also have access to back up equipment such as speakers from our trusted partners. We also stopped using client provided equipment as we cannot guarantee the right party atmosphere or quality.

The first dance song cut out in the middle

"My (childhood) friend and her husband's first dance song cut out in the middle. They did not have the social skills for that situation. Literally just stood there like a deer in headlights until the DJ fixed it like 45-60 seconds later."
How do we prevent this?
This is a good example of where social and great MC skills come in to play. This is more of an art than science when it comes to handling the crowd during these tense moments. We utilize humour to hold the crowd while the technical glitch is being addressed. It also helps to have a helper in the DJ booth allowing for the different roles to be played at the same time.

All of the power went out in the middle of a category 3 storm

“The Venue had no backup power generator when the power went out in the whole neighbourhood in the middle of a category 3 storm. The wedding was a bust after that moment!”
How do we prevent this?
When a major storm of the caliber that can knock out power is coming, we take precautions for both indoor and outdoor venues. One of the key pieces of equipment that we will take with us in these circumstances is a battery powered backup generator. In the event it is needed, we can quickly hook it up to the key pieces of equipment and lights and keep the party hopping! Battery backups provide an additional benefit in that they emit zero fumes in indoor venues!

The best man’s speech went off rails and the DJ didn’t stop him

Even with the best on intentions, there will be a wedding or a major milestone celebration where someone will start speaking and start to say inappropriate things on the microphone. This can be potentially embarrassing to the wedding couple or other family members or key friends.
How do we prevent this?
This is one of those things that are difficult to prevent unless you have read their speech before the event. Under this unpredictable situation, we listen to the speeches carefully and keep in eye contact with the wedding couple or main event hosts. With this eye contact, we can usually communicate the need to interfere amongst the key players. We will then tactfully cut off the speaker in mid-sentence and keep the flow going. We discuss this scenario with our clients beforehand and have an agreement on the best ways to mitigate this and to re-vector the party back to its awesome vibe!

These are just a small example of worst DJ moments. Luckily, our clients have dependable and professional staff from The Sonic Crew to minimize the effects of these unfortunate situations. What kind of horrible things have you experienced with your entertainment hosts or DJs?

Although there are many things that can go wrong and some of them are unforeseeable, it all comes down to the best way to recover from them and to continue the party moving forward with the right vibes. It is all about planning! The more information that we as your entertainment hosts have been provided with before your big event, the better we can plan for the event and related contingencies. In addition to planning, we also provide real-time solutions to common problems – from backups of laptops, hard drives, cables, microphone, and other breakable equipment to bringing in large power generators, we at the Sonic Crew have you covered!

We do all this preparation in addition to regular preparations that we already do to make your even the most special possible!

Share your horror stories with us below.

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