Working With Wedding DJ In Making Your Event Memorable

You have been busy planning your wedding – your personal Super Bowl – the most important day of your life. You have booked your venue, caterer, flowers and your DJ.

While your DJ is one of the critical ingredients in ensuring you and your guests have the best time possible, so are you. As the DJ is responsible for playing great and trending music at your event, it is also their job to make your event very happy and Stress-free for you.

Outlined below are some points that you should consider to make most of the wedding DJ service and carve out beautiful memories out of your special day.

Build a good relationship with your DJ

No matter how busy you are on planning your wedding, you must not forgo meeting your wedding DJ before your big day. Although you will only be working with your DJ for one night, you should still establish a good relationship with them. It will help you in understanding whether their personas and music genres selection is the best fit for your wedding day or not. They will also gain insights into your life and your preferences that will enable to better do their job. We at The Sonic Crew place a lot of importance on this step during all of our interactions.

Share your music taste with them

If you want to be sure that your wedding DJ will play the right songs, we recommend telling them about your music taste so they can prepare accordingly. A wedding DJ would have a lot of experience playing music for weddings, but they may not be to your taste. If you don’t want to disappoint your guests or not hear your favorite song, it is better to discuss your music taste in advance so that DJ can give you the experience that you envision. You are not supposed to provide a huge list of songs, rather 30-40 so the DJ gets an idea as to what you like. It is also important to provide a list of DO NOT PLAY songs as well to the DJ.

Help your DJ to make the party a big blast

We are not saying to become an assistant of your DJ, but together, you and your DJ can make the event the most successful and memorable one. Help them to know the venue space where they can create their set up; help them prepare the music list as per your taste; help them pick led lights that transform the mood, and more. The more prepared the DJ is with of all of the necessary information, the better job they will do for you.

We at The Sonic Crew believe that building a great relationship with our clients is the foundation of your event.  Not only do we work with you, but we provide you with the tools to make the process simple as possible. Contact us to see how we can work together to make your event the most memorable one!

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