What Makes a Good Wedding DJ?

When you are scouring the internet for the best DJ wedding services there is a volley of questions that would cross your mind. Questions like:

  • What are the responsibilities of a DJ at a wedding?
  • Why are good wedding DJs so expensive?
  • Isn’t it just music?

There are a plethora of questions that could pop up in your mind when you are looking for seasoned DJ services. Apart from this, there is a misconception amongst many brides that the Wedding Disc Jockey is neither as important nor as artistic as the Wedding Photography, Cake, Dress, and Decor, after all, it is just music, right? If you are bride-to-be and pondering exactly in the similar manner, then you are thinking off-base.

Within one week after their reception, 78% of couples say they would have made The Entertainment their highest priority according to a survey conducted by TheKnot. A successful bash heavily relies on the quality of the music or, more precisely wedding entertainment – after all, it’s the reception party! Without music, who would have a party? Without a host and organizer, what kind of party would exist? Maybe a low-key party organizer could overlook the importance of hiring experts.

Let’s walk you through the process of what makes a good wedding DJ

How Do Wedding DJs Work?

Let's start from scratch. It is a common misconception that wedding DJs only play music at your reception. But the truth is so much different than you can imagine. A good DJ should have the innumerable qualities to make a party super-hit and let you have the time of your life that makes you and your guests reach at the brink of ecstasy. The DJ guides your agenda aka programme along as per the couple’s plans by not only announcing things on time but keeping the vibe and flow moving along. They work with the venue, photographer and other key stakeholders to ensure everything is on schedule. They keep the guests HYPED to meet your vibes. Hiring a zealous professional is worth giving every shot!

Every business demands initial investment

Every business needs initial support and investment before reaching new heights. So, DJs also need to do some initial investments in their business to make it a brand. They need to minutely observe every bit of detail and carefully work on business shortcomings to convert them into stepping stones of success. Outlined below are a few investments that DJ must do to give their business a new direction that leads to victory.

Spending In the Equipment

DJs who invest in all aspects of their business are good at what they do. Right, that's true. They only purchase high-quality DJ equipment. There is a vast difference in sound between the speakers on your dad's stereo and those in a professional DJ setup. Powerful and controlled speakers are essential for a professional DJ. Your wedding DJ should invest all those music gears that allow them to create a great sound experience.

Investing in Their Company

A good wedding DJ invests in their company in other ways, in addition to investing in their equipment, which can run into thousands of dollars. We at the Sonic Crew purchase our music tracks only from renowned music suppliers, just like your favourite radio stations do. It has no commercial interruptions, is at a very high quality level. We also curate new music on a weekly basis – adding new tracks that work well in specific situations and removing tunes that we haven’t played in a long time.

Advancing in Themselves

Great DJs like the Original DJ Raj of The Sonic Crew keep practicing old and new techniques. Like everything in life, practice makes perfect! Appearance also matters a lot. It is indispensable for the pros to show up at the party in party-wears. They are entertainers and have a 24/7 party’s spotlight on them. If professionals turned wearing low-key dresses they will be spotted as odd man out, and this wouldn’t help them to establish an acquaintance with their audience.

To know what makes The Sonic Crew outshines the rest, get in touch with us today.

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