What kind of music to play during dinners at Weddings?

Music is an important component of any celebration, and it is what keeps a party going. There is no exception when it comes to wedding music, especially dinner music. Many couples make the mistake of not paying enough attention to this stage of the wedding planning process, and they wind up having to make a decision on the fly.

Although the music you play at your wedding may not appear to be as crucial as some of the other aspects of this special day, it should not be disregarded. Dinner music sets the tone for the entire occasion, so choose wisely! Everyone is influenced by music, which raises the topic of how to choose the greatest wedding meal songs for your celebration.

When selecting the types of Dinner music to play, one of the most important things to consider is your goal for the open dancing portion of your reception! Do you want to have a fun, vibrant, all dancing vibe at your reception or will your reception be a chill event? (Read about the different types of vibes at your reception.)

If you’re targeting a fun party filled with dancing, then the goal of the dinner music should be to get your guests in the mood of the upcoming energetic evening. To get the guests in the mood, we should stay away from slow music during dinner. As romantic as these songs are, they will have the opposite effect in that these saxophone or acoustic songs could make the guests get into a relaxed and chill mood as compared to getting their dancing shoes on.

For a fun filled party, a good DJ will start to get the guests to bop their heads and tap their feet under the table while eating. This builds up the excitement with the guests as they know that their night is about to be lots of fun and is already off to a great start! We at the Sonic Crew usually play popular songs with a good beat that is danceable but not yet ready for prime time. Think of such songs as:

– Hungry Heart by Bruce Springsteen

– I Think I’m in Love with You by Jessica Simpson

– Love on Top by Beyonce

– Sledgehammer by Peter Gabriel

– Close to you by Maxi Priest

– Leave The Door Open by Bruno Mars & the Silk Sonic

– Slow hands by Niali Horan, etc.

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If the DJ is already playing these great sing alongs during diner, guests will wonder what kind of surprise tunes the DJ will bring out later in the evening.

For a more chill, formal and relaxing atmosphere, definitely ask the DJ to play jazz, R&B and acoustic songs to set your desired mood. This will not get the dancing started but it will lighten the mood for sure.

If you really want to have some traditional slower songs at your dinner but also want to have tons of dancing, a good compromise is to tell your DJ to play some upbeat acoustic versions of popular songs (old and new) for the first 30 mins or so of the dinner followed by head bopping tunes for the last hour to get those dancing feet ready to rock all night!

Just because dinner music is considered background music, that doesn’t make it less important. When we see guests shaking their heads to great music while eating, we can see the excitement and anticipation building up for the fun coming up!

It is imperative to decide on your overall vibe first and then pick the appropriate style of dinner music. If you’re not sure what to do, give us a shout to see how we can help.

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