Virtual Dance Parties!

Don’t let COVID-19 halt your celebrations! Let’s use technology and the internet to our advantage to continue to celebrate our special days. We have been hosting Virtual Dance Parties since the start of the pandemic. While a virtual party can not replace in person social gathering, we can still bring people together to celebrate your milestones and special days while keeping your loved ones safe and healthy.

What is a Virtual Dance Party?

At the basic level, a Virtual Dance Party is a private party where invited participants share video & audio of themselves with others.  You can see and hear others as well as show yourself to other participants. The content is shared on all kinds of devices, specifically smartphones and computers/laptops using applications like Zoom and Skype. Essentially, we utilize video conferencing applications to share special moments with our loved ones.

How does a Virtual Party work?

Party invitation


Send out invitations or we can email out invites to participants on your behalf with conference connection instructions. Encourage participants to download the app beforehand to minimize technical issues the date of the event. You can have as little or as many as hundreds of people attending. We can host as high as 300 or more!

Connect to conference


Everyone joins the conference/party at the start time by clicking on the link provided in the invitation to connect to the live stream/video conference.

DJ Playing


Our DJ will broadcast live from our DJ studio via state of the art streaming technology. We broadcast HD quality video and audio with very low to no latency. Everyone is able to see each other and communicate with others using the built-in chat functionality. We also take requests using the same chat functionality of the conferencing app (Zoom, etc). See below for list of equipment needed (hint: nothing you already don’t have today) to enjoy virtual parties. To minimize audio interference with participants talking amongst each other over the music, we can optionally broadcast a separate audio stream which uses a different system than the video conferencing system. Additionally, we can record the virtual party for future playback and memories.

Dance Virtually


Celebrate! Dance and enjoy yourselves. Engage with your family and friends dancing at the same time as you to the same music!

What are the benefits of a Virtual Dance Party?

Virtual Party with DJ

Socialize while ensuring physical distance and keep everyone safe and healthy

Dancing in your own home

Celebrate from the comfort of your own home

Banquet hall with lots of food

Save money with venue, food, drinks, etc costs

Car exhaust

Save the environment – no driving

Avoid Crowds

Comply with public health guidelines in your area

Though not the same as an in-person party, Virtual party is the next best thing to engage with loved ones and maintain the required physical distance to keep everyone safe and healthy.

Are you looking at a small backyard, pool or house party with a limited number of guests? Give us a call to liven up your party with some awesome entertainment!

Our Virtual Party Offers

We don’t usually provide pre-packaged offers but due to a lot of common questions being asked and to make things easier during these difficult times, the following will guide you with some of the possibilities. We are happy to customize a package to better suit your needs if required.

$250/sessionAudio livestream from DJ Studio only
One-way audio broadcast. No Video broadcast
Personal link
Special shout outs. Requests taken via chat app
Duration2 hours in length (each extra 30 mins is $50)
RecordingPost broadcast -Audio file available online. Individual mp3 file provided upon request.
Silver Package
$300/sessionAudio and HD Video livestream from DJ Studio
One-way video broadcast. no video conferencing
Personal link
Special shout outs. Requests taken via chat app
Duration2 hours in length (each extra 30 mins is $50)
RecordingPost broadcast -Audio file available online. Individual mp3 file provided upon request.
Platinum Package
$475/sessionGold Package plus the following
We email out invitations
Duration3 hours in length
RecordingRecording available online. Custom video edits and animations are available at additional cost

Why choose us?

We have the experience to bring the energy and vibes needed to get you and your guests hopping while they’re dancing from their homes.

We provide the music needed to keep your loved ones interested in the virtual party and minimize any distractions.

We have hosted weekly virtual dance parties since beginning of April/2020.

We have perfected the seamless mix of technology to minimize latency and providing HD quality shows.

We know how to read the crowd and react accordingly to keep the energy flowing using the technology at hand.

Virtual Dance Party - wide picture
Laptop, tablet, smartphone, bluetooth speaker internet

What equipment do you need?

You probably already have everything you need to participate in virtual parties. At a minimum, your smartphone connected to the internet via Wi-Fi will do a good job.  You will need to download and install the appropriate application which are all free to use. For ideal experience, you should connect your smartphone to Bluetooth speakers for better sound quality and rest your phone on a stand (even a pillow will do the trick – there are plenty of DIY phone stand solutions available via a google search) so you don’t have to continuously hold it in your hands while you dance. You can also use a laptop as well – connect it to Bluetooth speakers for better sound quality. It is recommended to use Wi-Fi connection instead of mobile data as these apps use a lot of bandwidth which will drive up your mobile data charges.

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