We are grateful that you have decided to give us a chance to celebrate your upcoming event!

Please check your email for our detailed brochure with our pricing. Please select the services that you are interested via that email and we will set up a follow up call with you very soon!

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Why hire us?

Let us worry about the details. We want you to focus on celebrating your special day and make it the most memorable possible. We know how to read the crowd and keep them hopping!

We will take away your stress on your most important date. We will take the lead in managing all of the entertainment pieces. We will not bother you with the little details on the day of the event. Uncle Johnnie wants to make unprepared announcements – we will make some excuse to stop him without throwing anyone under the bus!

We curate our music selection on a weekly basis and match the style/genres/energy to pack your dance floor. Our extensive music selection consists of both clean and original versions of songs. We will mix them quickly or long based on your theme and guests’ reactions. We will adhere to your “Do not playlist” without throwing anyone under the bus if we get these requests.

We play many genres of music – from Old School to current hits: R&B, Motown, Hip-Hop, Funk, Dance (incl. Freestyle, house, electronic), Soul, Disco, Rock, Top 40, Reggae, Latin, Soca, Country, Bollywood (Hindi, Bhangra/Punjabi) & Jazz.

We match the best of the sound equipment and lights to bring your vision and energy to life. We seek and bring the latest in technology to enhance your experiences via 360 booths and much more!

We use a custom App (iOS, Android and web) to create & share the detailed programme and associated song list. You can create a “do not play” list as well as share the app with your key guests to build a personalized playlist.

We keep our music playlist fresh for every event. We don’t re-use our playlist from one event to another.

Listen to our clients!

In the meantime for your listening pleasure

Check out some cool mixes and tunes from our DJs while you read our email.

Hip-Hop Bangers Virtual Dance Party (Explicit lyrics)20200726191141
Club Bangers Virtual Dance Party20200726190855
Sizzlin’ 90s Virtual Dance Party20200726191426
The Second Dance – Toronto Raptors Tribute20200803114326
Prince Tribute 202020200726191641