Top Reasons to Hire A DJ and Set the Mood at Your Party

Are you planning a celebration soon? Have you considered the possibilities of entertainment? Perhaps you’re debating whether or not to hire a DJ or play your own playlist from Spotify. To have unforgettable events/parties, it’s always a good idea to hire a DJ.

According to a survey conducted by TheKnot, when asked, 81% of guests say the thing they remember most about a wedding is the Entertainment. This applies to all parties and events equally!

Events are made easier with the help of professionals. DJs,  sound engineers and music lighting technicians have got you covered. An experienced DJ will relieve your burden of coordinating speakers, lights, DJ controllers and/or turntables, music libraries, microphones, all the wires that connect everything and having to use your cell phone in an environment where cell coverage may not be reliable. What’s worse is having to listen to ads or other notification interruptions from your smartphone just when the guests were getting in a vibe.

Throw out the playlist!

Having a fully prepared playlist of songs is usually not a good idea. The mood of your guests will not match the mood of the moment when you are creating your playlists. Many factors influence guests’ mood and the vibes on the day of the event. Extreme weather like too cold, too hot, raining or snowing impacts everyone’s moods. Food being late or other key items not living up to expectations also dampen the mood. It is the DJ’s job to read the crowd and sense their vibes, guiding them to a better place with the right music choices. This is where the playlist is thrown out the window.

The DJ will read the room and adjust accordingly.

You don't have to worry about preparing anything because the DJ will take care of it for you.. Partnering with a professional DJ will allow you to have fun in your own event while the DJ entertains you and your guests. If your guests are not in the mood for hip hop tonight, your DJ will be able to read that and adjust to the vibes that will make a memorable impact! They bring a professional etiquette all night long.

The DJ takes care of all equipment incl. delivery, setup and tear down.

You don’t have to worry about sourcing and renting speakers and all of the other equipment that is needed to ensure high quality sound and lights! The DJ brings his/her own equipment, sets it all up with sound checks and at the end of the event, will tear it all down and take it back. The professional DJ will bring the right kind of equipment needed for the size of the crowd and the venue. A good DJ is a also a good sound and lighting engineer!

Professional DJs have all the music to cater to your needs.

Professional DJs have a variety of music and what’s more is that they know how the music fits with the many other tunes. While pros have very large music libraries, it is critical that they curate their music on a regular basis – at minimum on a weekly basis. They must be able to play seamlessly all genres of music – from current top 40 pop songs to old school. An open format mobile DJ is able to play pop, hip hop, R&B, alternative, rock, classic rock, reggae, soca, country, disco, EDM, House, old school and specific ethnic music to match your party!

Great DJs work requests into their mixes.

A good DJ is more than a good mixer. While Mixing is a given, you should always listen to their mixtapes from previous events to ensure good with the vibes that you want at your event. They are also able to take requests and play them during the appropriate time.

When you hire professionals to make all the arrangements, it’s a lot more convenient for you. They take the guesswork and stress out of planning a party and infuse it with energy. Look for a service that has a proven track record of delivering high levels of customer satisfaction. It is only then that you can embark on an adventure worth your money and time.

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