The Most Banned Wedding Songs Playlist

While it is imperative that the wedding couple provides their DJ with a minimum of small sample of the type of music they like to dance to, a good DJ will also ask them to provide a list of DO NOT PLAY songs.

A 2017 North American poll of top wedding DJs came up with a list of songs that are banned most often at wedding reception.

What do you think? Which one has been left off this list? Which song should be removed from this list?

Top 10 Banned songs by couples from their wedding reception

Songs with the percentage of weddings where the song was banned

Chicken Dance (23.1%)


Cha-Cha Slide (22.5%)


Macarena (17.6%)


Cupid Shuffle (16.5%)


YMCA (15.4%)


Electric Boogie (Electric Slide) (12.6%)


Hokey Pokey (10.4%)


Wobble (7.1%)


Happy (5.5%)


Shout by Isley Brothers (5.5%)


Don’t worry if your favorite song appears on this list as it is not surprising that many people love to dance to old, familiar and yes, even cheesy, songs.

At The Sonic Crew, our DJs will do everything we can to honour your DO NOT PLAY list. So how do we respond when your aunty, who flew in over thousands of kilometers to attend her favorite niece’s wedding, requests a song from your banned songs list? We will respond politely and nicely, say that we will play it later and then conveniently forget, or use other tactful techniques. But we will NOT blame it on the wedding couple. If you prefer, we can play songs from this DO NOT PLAY list ONLY IF we are requested to by your guests. You have enough to worry about and we want you to celebrate your big event without any stress.

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