7 Great Glass Clinking Alternatives for Wedding

We all are dazzled by the charm of wedding traditions. However, some make us roll our eyes, for example, silver fork tapping on the glass. There are two vital reasons for the glass-clinking tradition.

  1. Raising toast
  2. To gain audience attention because couple is about to kiss or to put the couple on the spot to kiss now that everyone is looking at them

For the second option – lot of people have mixed opinions about the glass-clinking tradition. In this custom, someone from the family/guest taps the spoon or fork against his/her glass signalling that the couple is about to share a long kiss. Some newlyweds don’t want conventional glass tapping tradition to be a part of their wedding and looking forward to curate more personalized and more exceptional alternatives to have their friends signal them to kiss.

Here are some good and common “Glass Clinking Alternatives” for the newlyweds to consider if you’re not a fan of this tradition. These provide for a good game to be made while honouring the tradition if it is too difficult to tell your guests that you are not comfortable with this game.

Either you kiss or they kiss

Here guests contribute their own pieces of marriage advice to the couple. The couple shares a kiss if they like the advice. If they don't, the person who gave their words of wisdom about married life kisses their date. In the absence of a date, they sing love songs. Up next, we have a perfect idea!

Crooning a Love Song

Would be an excellent activity for soloists or groups! Have everyone at the table join in and sing a song for the guests and couple! There are a few rules: It must be a love song or one with the word "love" in it. You can count on DJs in Toronto for this karaoke job.

Roll the Dice

It will be fun to assign funny dares to different numbers on one of those jumbo party dice for playful couples. A kiss happens when the dice will roll on a 10 or higher, but with so many other great things to assign to numbers, players will be so engrossed, they won't even care about the "clink kiss." For example, rolling a 7 results in the guest kissing their partner or telling a joke. Be creative!

Make your guest donate

Perhaps you feel obliged to contribute to a good cause. It might be that you need to cover the medical bills for a family member or to donate to a charity you are passionate about. Make sure to tell your guests where their money is going, and make sure they know it's going to a good cause. The thumb rule of this game is –the bigger will be the donation, the bigger will be the kiss!

Storytelling Circles

A guest must share their story about the bride and groom at the wedding party, and if it resonates then couple can kiss. It doesn't matter if it's an old childhood memory or a fun fact; guests can toast and the couple can kiss each time they are finished. Taking part in this event can build friendships and foster love. The stories can be funny or general in nature.

Trivia about the newlyweds

The guest picks a pre-determined question from a bowl or box. The newlywed couple will kiss if the guest answers correctly but the guest must kiss their significant other if they answer incorrectly.

Spinning wheel

The guest spins a wheel with multiple gaming results: such as sing a song, tell a joke, hug the bride, hug the groom, etc and one option being Newlyweds kiss.

If you’re not into games, an alternative approach is to kiss once and be done with it! Let that first kiss happen and when it does, make it a memorable kiss. Then instruct the DJ/MC to announce that there will be no more kisses as the best kiss has been performed.

Kissing menu with games

Some newlyweds even create a kissing menu for each table using many of the above alternatives on it giving their guests many options to participate.

Remember to tell you DJ/MC as to your preferred way of handling the clinking prior to your special day!

Which alternative did you like the most?

There are exorbitantly innumerable ways you can personalize or change the kissing game at your wedding! We hope this tailored-made list would have helped you in curating your own quintessential ideas.

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