Fun Wedding Reception Games

A wedding isn’t only a chance to celebrate your nuptial occasion with great pomp and show, but also an opportunity to have a good time with friends and family. Wedding entertainment games enhance the evening with a sense of childlike playfulness and help groups break the ice, mingle and socialize.

We realize that this is not for everyone and it depends on the vibe that you are aiming for your reception. For those newlyweds who like to play some games, we have listed some common and some unique game ideas. Read this article for ideas for some games to play to get the newlyweds to kiss with glass clinking.

Outlined below are a few interesting and interactive wedding reception games



The rule is that one person from each table wins. The MC/DJ runs this game.

Using a spoon, pass it around until the music stops like hot potato. You can use any object: napkin, spoon, toonie, car keys, phone, etc. or all of these.  Ideally, you want three or four items to be passed around simultaneously.

Pass things around 4-5 times. At the end of the rounds, whoever is holding the item decided by the MC (i.e. spoon) gets to go home with the centrepiece.

Even if there is no centerpiece giveaway, you can still play this game before the dance floor opens. Instead of winning a centrepiece, the winner is declared as the table captain. The table captain has earned the job of getting the dance floor going with everyone at their table.

PASS THE TOONIE (or a coin) 

This game is a different twist to passing an object around. This game is also run by DJ/MC. At each table, the DJ asks one guest to hold up a Toonie or a Loonie. For non Canadian readers, a Toonie is a two dollar coin and a Loonie is a one dollar coin. Playing a fun song, he will ask his guests to pass around a coin until the music stops.When the music is paused theguest holding the coin is “out” and pass the coin to the person next to them. The coin continues to roll. As the music plays and stops, the DJ eliminates people at each table until only one is left holding the Toonie — who wins it. As a twist, the guest who offered up the toonie first will receive the centerpiece.

Planning TIP: if you have vase with flowers in it as a centrepiece, be sure to let the DJ/MC know if the vase is being given away or not!


This game is also run by DJ/MC. The DJ asks one male at each table to pick up a napkin and stand up. When every table has a male standing, then ask for a female to stand up with another object (empty glass, etc ). Then we ask them to place the items back on the table and then to join the MC on the dance floor for a competition.

The MC will line up all the men in one line and all the women in one line. The MC will let the audience know that we’re going to have an old fashioned dance off.

For the first round, play a song of a specific genre for 15 seconds and ask men to show their skills. Then repeat with the women with the same genre. Ask the audience who won this round. The newlyweds can pick their favourite genres or let the DJ decide.

Repeat this process 2 more times with different genres of music for each round.

If the men win 2 of 3 rounds, then they go home with the centerpiece, Similarly if the women won the 2 rounds, then they win the centerpieces.

Remember the audience are the judges here! Alternatively, at the end of the game with everyone still on the dancefloor, the DJ can open the dance floor to everyone.

THE SHOE GAME aka Newlywed game.

This is a classic game that continues to be played all around the world amongst many cultures.

In this classic game, the bride and groom are made to sit back to back for a classic trivia contest about their new life together.

How to play?

During the reception, two chairs are placed back-to-back. The bride and groom remove their shoes so that each holds one of their own and one of another person(instead of shoes you can also use coloured tissue papers – pink for the bride and blue for the groom, or even Ken and Barbie dolls).

The MC asks the newlyweds a question or fun facts about the couple. As an example – who said “I love you” first? The couple then answers by raising the item representing the correct individual above their head– for example, they raise the shoe belonging to the right person (or Ken or Barbie, etc).

This goes on for 15-20 questions and as different opinions emerge, laughter ensues. It is important that the couple are not advised of these questions prior to the game.

He Said she said game

Bonus Tip: If you want to the get the guests involved in this game as well, you can leave game sheets (he said / she said) on the tables where the guests answer the questions before the newlyweds answer them. See picture on the side. The one with the most correct answers wins the centrepiece or another prize.


The MC gets 10 people (bridal party, guests, etc) to sit on 10 chairs in the centre of the hall (like in musical chairs)

The MC then asks the 10 people to go out to the audience and find something – like a $5 bill or other object and come back to the centre of the dance floor – where one chair has been removed. With 9 people remaining, ask them to go out and find another object and SO ON until one player is left – the Winner! The DJ should play high energy music in the background to keep up the energy of the players and the audience.

Be creative in the objects. They can be things like: ladies shoes, purse, napkin, an empty glass, toilet paper from the washroom, etc

The winner can be awarded a small prize ($10 gift card as an example) that has been pre-selected by the newlyweds. If there is no prize, when there are 4 people left, ask them which side are they representing (bride or groom). This creates its own competition. A good MC will use this to engage the audience in asking questions like: which side do you want to see win, which side is going to take it for sure, etc.

Hosting an outdoor summer wedding? There are a lot of outdoor games such lawn bowling that can be selected that matches your personality, tastes and vibe. We will write another article with some outdoor game ideas.

Wedding games are quintessential ice breakers for guests, so summon professional DJ services to make your most special day unforgettable for you, your family, and your guests. Get in touch with us to get your personalized proposal.

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