7 Wedding Entertainment Ideas That Will WOW Your Guests

After you have exchanged the rings and signed the marriage certificate, it’s time for you to inject some dose of fun and entertainment into the event of your lifetime for you and your guests. Every bride, groom and guests have confirmed in numerous studies that entertainment and the vibe of the wedding reception is one of most memorable experiences for them.  This also gives you the opportunity to showcase what makes you unique. Entertainment is the backbone of any event that compels guests to be on the edge of their seats – leaving them craving for more.

A few simple but fun activities can bring a world of difference in sprucing up the environment of the venue and uplifting the spirits of your guests. Take a sneak peek at some engaging and entertaining ideas that you can organize to exhilarate and amplify the happiness around you on your Super bowl party!

DJ Playing

Wedding DJs

Even though this might seem obvious, wedding DJs are a popular choice for a lot of reasons. They add a distinct aesthetic to any event they perform at. Besides playing music from all genres, wedding DJs perform other services such as a master of ceremony ensuring your wedding runs smoothly and stays on schedule; interactive laser lights to keep the spirit of the crowd to the maximum or fantastic dancing floor lights to enhance the vibe of your reception.

indoor fireworks

Indoor Fireworks 

A fireworks display is the perfect way to wow your guests. And we’re not just talking about sparklers there are bigger guns too. There are even indoor fireworks these days like indoor spark fountains. More like a kiss concert but having fireworks as a part of your wedding looks much more elegant and classy. Indoor sparklers are 100% safe and produce no smoke when they are operated by professionals

dance on clouds

Dancing on the clouds – Make your wedding magical

This is the most popular romantic wedding entertainment  special effects that we at The Sonic Crew can create for your event or wedding. This is a stunning sight and creates spectacular visuals that a photographer can capture for you to cherish forever. Adding this fog dance effect to your first dance together as a married couple will add even more magic and give your guests a visual treat. Combine this with moving head lights that enhance the mood while the attention is focussed on you.

CO2 Blaster

Handy CO2 canons – draw more eyeballs

Take the entertainment to the next level by adding special effects that CO2 blasters can bring. For your grand entrance and during high-energy dance sets, this element will shoot plumes of cool white smoke to cool down the exuberant crowd. An event organiser can cool off the guests with handheld CO2 guns and even energize the dance floor with the same CO2 guns. Bring out the club or festival vibe your wedding.

360 photo booth

360-degree photo booth

Without engaging content or activity, your event could end up being boring for your guests. 360-degree photo booths offer a revolutionary way for you to bring your event to life. These days people of all ages love clicking candid photos and sharing them on social media. By arranging a 360-degree photo booth in the event, you can give an edge to your guests’ experience. The Sonic Crew even offers a Bullet Time video option which brings the effects from the movie Matrix to your event.

LED Robot

Robot dance – add oomph to your celebration

A LED Robot with some killer moves will keep the dance floor hopping. This wedding entertainment idea will definitely get the party started. This kind of unique wedding entertainment concept will make your guests happy and help you to garner more praises and claps from them, for arranging such an incredible event.

Salsa Afro Latin dancers

Showgirls during cocktail hours Kick-off the wedding celebration

The cocktail party is all about celebrating, dancing, mingling, and relaxing, right? In the nutshell, enjoy the moment and go frenzy. To spice up your event hire a dancing troupe, or salsa dancers, or Vegas showgirls, or Belly Dancers so that they can keep your guests entertained with their moves and grooves.

Talk to us at The Sonic Crew to see which of these entertainment ideas are right for you. With a combination of these and even more creative ideas, we can help to enure your vision of your most memorable day is captured to the fullest. We will do everything we can to make your event the most successful and delightful for everyone!

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