Tips For Creating the Best of Your First Wedding Dance Together

One of the best way to start the wedding party is to have your first dance, then invite your bridal party to join you for a minute or so before letting the wedding DJ cut right into a perfect dance track.  But before the party starts, all eyes are on you, the newlyweds! We’d like to offer some useful tips for making your first dance the most memorable and meaningful for you.

Choose A Song That Is A Good Fit For Both Of You

When selecting your first dance song, don’t just limit your choices to current populat songs or traditional songs. If you and your partner both love a song or an artist but believe it isn't 'wedding appropriate,' you might be able to find a cover or acoustic version that is just right. Also, don't get caught up in the idea that it has to be slow and soppy – your first dance should reflect your personalities and be about you both having fun and enjoying the moment. If you’re stuck with selecting the right song, have a chat with your DJ for advise. They have performed at many weddings and can provide recommendations. The Sonic Crew has a list of songs curated just for this moment.!

Learn The Basics Of Dance Steps

If one or both of you are conscious of your dancing abilities, consider taking a dancing lesson. At the very least, a lesson or two will get you both on the same page and eliminate the awkwardness factor. It truly makes all the difference! Lessons can be intimidating, but you'd be surprised how much fun it is – on numerous occasions, couples have expressed how much fun they had learning and practicing together in the lead-up to the big day that they hadn't anticipated. We at The Sonic Crew can even help create custom dance routine for you with our professional dance choreographers.

Be Confident When Entering The Dance Floor

Your first dance's grand entrance is crucial because all eyes will be on you! Stand tall, keep your head up, and confidently enter the dance floor. When you reach the center of the dance floor, keep your cool and listen to the music that you ask your DJ Services to play on the moment before you begin dancing.

Simply Enjoy And Be In The Moment

There will be some nerves, champagne will be consumed, and the dress always adds another layer of complication. So let it be, smile, and unwind. Whatever happens, you've just married the love of your life and now you get to dance the night away with them! Work work with your DJ to see how we can shorten the song if things get awkward for you during your first dance.

Remember To Smile And Look At Each Other

If you only remember one thing from this article, it's to remember to look at each other and smile during your first dance. Your family and friends are looking at your beautiful faces and how you look at each other, not at your feet. Your guests will notice if you appear happy and in love. The conclusion of your first dance will be one of your and your guests' most memorable moments.

Talk to us to see how we can help you in creating your first dance as a magical experience for you!

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